The venue for our Wednesday evening meetings has moved to

The Horse and Groom, 10 Main Street, Linby Notts. NG15 8AE 

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  NOTTS AREA MGOC  A BRIEF HISTORY   In 2015, the Notts Area MG Owners Club has been in existence since 1977 and as myself and my wife Jane are the only original members it was suggested that we write a few words on our history. Our first meetings were at the ‘Griffin’s Head’ in Papplewick, then ‘The Yew Tree’ in Brinsley and then various other pubs until we finally settled at The Rolls Royce Social Club, Here we have our own room served by a good bar with a large private car park outside. We meet, once a month on the second Wednesdays from around 8.30pm.  At weekends during the summer we visit various events on the MG/classic car calendar, go on road runs, treasure hunts etc and also organise holidays both home and continental.  The number of Club members has increased, decreased and then increased again over the last 40 years and now seems to remain fairly stable at about the 90 mark with a hardcore of members who have been with us a long time. 


The Club cars range from old to modern – TD, TF, A, B, Midget, F, TF, ZR, ZS and now an MG6 with the majority being the ubiquitous B, both GT and Roadster. As with most Areas we organised and ran our own Area events for many years until the novelty seemed to wear off. In the early years we could get attendances of several hundred even if it was wet! Every New Years Day from the outset we also had our own run. We still do but in recent years it has been run on the first Sunday after New Year due to not many turning up because they were over the drink-drive alcohol limit! It has also become difficult to find venues that can deal with large numbers of people for a meal on New Years Day itself. A New Years Day Run in the early years, just before it started to snow, at The Druids Inn, Birchover, Derbyshire. There also used to be at least one picnic a year somewhere, which also included games such as rounders but we had to stop playing this ‘dangerous’ game due to injuries (broken teeth, unconsciousness, severely sprained ankles (SERIOUSLY!) and old age!  As in most years last year was very busy season attending many classic car events around the country, going on our own road runs (some of us also going on other Area’s road runs). We have also organised several holidays over the years: to the Jersey Spring Rally, Brittany, The Isle of Man, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany and many places in Britain.      


   Some of us at The Laxey Wheel on The Isle of Man (this was during the week in June 2005 that most of Yorkshire was being flooded)!  


 In 2017 we celebrated our 40th year since conception and we hope to continue for many more years although a lot of us are getting older and we need some young blood to join us! To update to 2017 we have continued our Wednesday meetings at Rolls Royce and still attend classic car meetings, organise road runs and treasure hunts for ourselves, go on European holidays and now meet once a month at a coffee shop somewhere during a Wednesday morning. In the last few years we have travelled to France (Laon) and Belgium (Bruges) to classic car meetings and also toured The Black Forest and The Loire Valley Bruges 2010 Laon 2012.      


 Finally, I would like to thank all the people who have made the Club what it is: the members, the committee members and the area secretaries especially our last one Penny Lee (25years duration!) who has done a sterling job in organising things in general and keeping us under control (sometimes)! 

Penny stepped down this year and Keith Dudley is now secretary of the Notts Area MGOC. 

   Keith and Jane Dudley.